Ever feel like you are “mailing it in”? This is how you can fix that!


Let’s be honest… some days, you just don’t feel like “adulting”.  Nope… some days, you just REALLY feel like mailing it in.  You’re there, but only physically… your mind is someplace else.

It happens to the very best of us.

One of the very best things about being an entrepreneur and living this crazy life that we live is the inherent fact that we have a semblance of control over our time.  Sure, we may have 392 things to do in any given day, but who says that we need to do them in some specific order that society ambiguously decided long before we were born?

Follow Your Body

Let’s be honest here… most of us entrepreneurs and business owners are hardcore grinders – we don’t necessarily need the external motivation to put our nose to the grindstone and make it all happen, because that motivation implicitly burns inside of us.  Sometimes though, we could really use the permission to do things in any freaking order we want to, because we know that we’ll do it better when our body, mind and soul are aligned to make that happen in the best possible way.

Here’s an example: If I get into work on a Wednesday morning and I’m just not feeling like writing a blog post, then I’m simply not going to do a great job with it.  I may be able to grind it out, but chance are high that it’ll largely suck, and it’ll take me three times longer to do it than it really should have.  In that instance, I’m probably better off just doing something that I actually feel like doing at that time, like working out.

This is an approach that may not work for everybody, but it works great for me.  Ultimately, so long as you actually accomplish everything that needs to happen in your day and you are disciplined with yourself about that, then listen to your body and execute tasks when it feels right do do them – your work will be better for it, and so will your mind.