‘Beyond The Marketing Funnel’ is NOW Available

Today’s the day – “Beyond The Marketing Funnel”, the #1 Bestselling Book on Online Marketing using Advanced Conveyor Belt Strategies is officially here!

There are several reasons I wrote “Beyond The Marketing Funnel”, but the most important is that while there are plenty of books about online marketing, email marketing, and funnel building, I’ve oddly never seen one that discusses implementing a comprehensive marketing automation system for your business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need, and frankly, deserve this knowledge at their fingertips. This book does a good job of doing that in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, CMO of Viral Integrity Marketing, agrees, writing:
Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, CMO of Viral Integrity Marketing“Beyond The Marketing Funnel breaks the code and invites even the most confused newbie to the party. And this is SO vital, because once you understand the funnel, you can impact your community 24/7 – which easily translates to the holy grail, passive income. This book is your invitation from dysfunctional to success.”

If you are a business owner that is looking to implement marketing automation in your business, make sure you pick up your copy of “Beyond The Marketing Funnel” today!