You can do ALMOST ANYTHING with Digital Marketing

I was recently driving with a friend of mine in Dana Point, California and we were talking about digital marketing… and all of the cool things you can do with it

He was asking me about Ontraport and what I thought of it as a platform, and then he jumped into a similar discussion on Infusionsoft

Shortly thereafter, he asked me about “other stuff that we could do in digital marketing with either OP or Infusionsoft”, and I told him that we could do “pretty much anything”

“BULLSHIT… they are each their own FINITE platform – how can you tell me the truth and say you can pretty much do **ANYTHING** with them, if they each have their own specific feature sets?”

Ahhh, young Padawan… come into my world and let me learn ya somethin’

See, there’s this really cool tool out there that I like to refer to as “digital duct tape”, and it’s called Zapier

Zapier is the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing, and it literally allows you to connect two completely different pieces of software directly so that they VERY easily to talk one another & exchange data

So therefore, if you need a scheduler built into your Ontraport account, that can be done

If you would like to add a contact into both a MailChimp account and an aWeber account when purchase a specific product, it’s not an issue

And if you’d like to send hand written postcard out to a prospect THANKING them for their time AFTER you meet with them, but you’d don’t want to have to remember to do that yourself (or your handwriting is poor)… we got you

Bottom line?  If you got a problem, **YO** I’ll solve it

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