Infusionsoft v Ontraport: Which Platform Is Right For You?

In the world of marketing automation for small businesses and burgeoning entrepreneurs, there are largely two major players in the game – Infusionsoft and Ontraport. They are both excellent systems, but have different strengths and weaknesses depending on how you like to conduct business.


Infusionsoft is far and away the most commonly used. Firstly, Infusionsoft predates just about every other marketing automation system by about a decade. Because of this, Infusionsoft enjoys a significant portion of the early adopters of web-based marketing automation. More importantly, Infusionsoft excels for small and medium sized businesses and franchises with sales processes that tend to be fairly long and complex. These business tend to be brick and mortar (they have physical locations), or are consultive services such as custom home builders or financial planners.

Infusionsoft can also have its functionality extended via third party plugins and services that cater specifically to Infusionsoft clients. There are few capabilities that cannot be created in some way with Infusionsoft, but sometimes you may need to be creative in how you accomplish them.


Ontraport is particularly effective for businesses that largely operate online. For information marketers that sell digital products and group based remote support via communities, Ontraport is a uniquely powerful solution. The system’s ability to natively connect with and control an unlimited number WordPress based membership sites, as well as it’s one-click upsell capability makes it a no-brainer for web-based businesses.

For this reason, I almost always recommend either Ontraport or Infusionsoft to my clients, dependent upon which native systems are most appropriate for their specific business.

Have a question? Contact me or comment below, and let’s talk about what makes the most sense for YOUR business.