Digital Duct Tape

My boys...I’m a Dad

Two little boys, aged 2 & 4

We’re physical… we all like horseplay, we all like to “do work” together, and we have a lot of fun

My oldest likes to help me “fix” stuff, which is awesome except for the fact that I’m *ALMOST* as talented of a DIY Handyman as Tim “The Tool-man” Taylor from the old 90’s TV series, Home Improvement

In case you are not familiar with that old show, Tim was a pretty darned bad handy-man, and he “fixed” a lot of stuff with basic tools and a big ole’ roll of shiny gray duct tape

Ahh… duct tape => Perhaps the most universal DAD tool out there… you can fix just about anything with is (and if duct tape won’t do, FlexSeal probably will)

I think that because I’m a Dad and I rely on the power of duct tape to fix stuff with my boys, I am able to very easily and heartily see the value of what I like to call “digital duct tape” in my role as a digital marketer

What do I mean?

If you can tape pretty much any two things together to make them work as a cohesive unit with duct tape, you can do the same thing with almost any online software tool or service with a cool little tool call Zapier

Zapier - Digital Duct TapeFor instance, if you have a form on your website and you’d like to have all of the form entries magically populate into a Google Spreadsheet as they come in, you can use digital duct tape (er, Zapier) to make that happen

Need to add somebody to a matched audience in LinkedIn when they land on a landing page?  Digital duct tape

Queueing the kick off of a text message campaign when somebody clicks on a link in an email?  Digital duct tape, baby!!!

So… as we get ready for Father’s Day coming up this weekend, here’s a question for all of you Dads out there (or Dad enthusiasts, or hell… if you are just really into digital marketing):

Seriously =>

Where in your business do you have software or apps or tools that SHOULD be tied together, but just aren’t?  More importantly, how much time and money is that costing you?